LRM is a free tool that enables you to monitor and track your flights and aircraft landing rates within your flight simulator.


  • Easy to install download and run the installer - you'll be up and running in a few seconds (next, next, next etc)!
  • Lightweight only a few megabytes of space required on your machine!
  • Easy to use just run the application and it'll track your take-off and landing rate.
  • Run it on a remote machine LRM can be run on a remote machine when using WideFS.
  • Optional "Dark Mode" Reduce strain on the eyes and use the "Dark Mode" to reduce the brightness of the application windows.
  • Display the FPM and G-Force at landing and the take-off rate in-sim No more having to minimise your sim to see the landing rate, you can choose to show the landing rate (FPM) directly in the sim!
  • Flight logbook linking the LRM client to a free account enables you to record all your flights, routes flown and landing statistics.
  • Web-based GPS tracking you can monitor your aircraft position on any device, anywhere...
  • Cabin announcements/sounds effects (optional) had a good landing? You can enable cabin feedback by having a roar of passenger applause! If you have a bad landing you will hear screams! You can also enable or disable cabin announcements during pushback and after arriving. These sound effects are totally customisable too!
  • Route planner can be used (when you have linked the LRM Client to your FsHub account to specify a flight plan (totally optional though), you can even import route plans from SimBrief or LittleNavMap save files too.

System Requirements



Full documentation for the software and it's features can be found online in PDF format. I would highly recommend that all users' read it when they first install. Work to upgrade the documentation for 5.x.x is still ongoing but for the majority of the functionality, the existing documentation (v4.0.0) is still relevant!


LRM is provided free of charge but without warranties for both personal and commercial use, feel free to download and use it today!


LRM is developed and provided free of charge but if you value this software and the time it takes to be developed please consider donating via. Paypal.

Change log

The application version changelog can be expanded below.

Issue or feature request?

If you wish to report a bug, issue or wish to create a new feature request, please log them over at our Issue Tracking system.


Need some help? I provide free support via. email, please note that I am a very busy person so sometimes it may take a day or two for me to respond to emails.

My contact details can be found on my homepage.

As of June 2021, you can now register and get support via our Discord server.